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President's Message

Dear CSI ABQ Chapter Members and beyond,

I hope that you are all safe and healthy in this most unusual phase of the history of our city, state, country and world.  COVID-19 is on everyone’s lips and ever present in our minds. Here is a link for the latest news on it:


This pandemic, of course, has affected all of our lives from home to school to work, to grocery shopping, to ‘seeing’ our loved ones. It has also affected the events that were planned for the close of our chapter’s fiscal year.  I want to bring you up to date on our chapter events and when they have been rescheduled or may be occurring. 

April – CSI Southwest Region Conference has now been rescheduled for October 22 - 24, 2020 at the same venue as before, Hotel Andaluz in Downtown ABQ. Robin Snyder and the SWR Board have done a tremendous job of revamping and rescheduling the event.  Bravo SWR Board! We will be updating the website for this event so you can register.  This event is always full of pertinent education to our industry and professions and will offer Learning Units.  We already had some sponsors for the event which have rescheduled to the new dates.  Please consider sponsoring, attending the conference and/or the social events, sponsoring someone to attend, or donating swag for the Conference bags. 

May – CSI Golf Tourney is tentatively rescheduled for late September or early to mid-October.  More details to come. 

June – EOY (end-of-year) celebration –May be a July or August reschedule date. More details to come.

As we near the end of the fiscal year for our chapter, June 30th, I am wholeheartedly appealing to our membership to consider serving on our chapter board or take the reins of the chapter as President in order to serve our membership and community and continue the life of this chapter.  You would not be alone and have a lot of support, experience and guidance from the board.  Contact me or any of the board members if you are interested – [email protected] or (505) 239-5006.  We welcome our newest member to the board, Phil Humphrey with BASF.  Thank you Phil!

Although we may not be able to or have been able to celebrate events in our lives in the same way before social distancing and confinement - i.e. birthdays, weddings, Easter, Passover (to name a few), if you are reading this letter you are on this side of the great beyond and have reason to be grateful. Each of our circumstances is different.  Be adaptable. Stay Calm. Stay Safe. Stay home. Be well.


Judy Heiss, CSI, CDT

ABQ Chapter CSI President


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Message from the Institute Board

The CSI Albuquerque Chapter needs YOU! 

After many  previous years of clear succession plans, we find ourselves without President, President -Elect or Treasurer candidates for our ballots this year.  Without these specific positions filled, our chapter cannot exist.

Judy Heiss stepped up TWO years ago to fill the gap and has done a marvelous job!  Wouldn’t you agree that the chapter has enjoyed terrific educational programs this year, and that the relationships you’ve built at CSI are critical to your daily work?  I absolutely agree, and I recognize that my own volunteer efforts are crucial to making these programs happen.  The hours required are minimal, but the satisfaction is lasting.  The entire chapter board has done a great job (some for over a decade) but they need your help.  Please contact Judy today to raise your hand and volunteer for next year!

Message from the Institute Board

Life in the Time of Coronavirus has changed everything temporarily.  If you are feeling disconnected, please remember that there are great ways to stay in touch with your building industry associates during this time.

If you haven’t checked out the Communities on the CSI website, you are missing out on the conversations – lots of them.  Over 4400 detailed discussions have occurred in just one of the several communities, about specific issues and concerns throughout the industry.  Please visit https://www.csiresources.org/home and join a community today!

The Volunteer Portal application allows CSI members to register year-round, for clear, specific opportunities.  Current opportunities include certification committee members and Community leaders.  Check it out here:  https://www.csiresources.org/volunteeropportunities

EXAMS:  Here’s the latest for those of you who have been working hard to take a CSI exam or are considering taking an exam:  As of today, Spring CDT®CCSSM, and CCCASM exams are still moving forward.


Thank you for all you do in support of the mission of CSI!


Jori Smith, CSI, CDT, LEED AP BD+C

CSI Board Secretary

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Monthly Luncheon

March – We had a presentation by Liz O’Sullivan with Liz O’Sullivan Architecture, LLC, CSI CDT, What to Expect from your Spec Writer.  It was held at Pappadeaux and we had 39 attendees.  With good communication between the architect and a good spec writer, the design team can get better specs, better construction dcuments, a better construction process, maybe even a better buidling!  Thank you, Liz. 

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