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President's Message

As we prepare for our final meeting of this CSI year and plan for the one ahead I’m looking back over my shoulder at what was a very challenging 2020.  I know the challenges have not been the same for all of you and many suffered much more than others.  My family has been impacted but I am grateful we have worked through it.  For all of you who have been touched by loss, I send my heartfelt condolences. 

As we move away from a year of covid restrictions I believe we will see just how resilient we really are as individuals and businesses;  as a state and as a nation.

Last month I shared information about how a major winter weather event in Texas has had significant impact on raw material supply contributing to construction product shortages.  As more information becomes available it is clear that our current supply challenges are part of larger issues leading to coming material shortages, long lead times, product allocation surcharges and price increases.

To help keep you informed I’m including an excerpt from Construction Market Experts 

Pandemic causes shortage of raw materials – price rises on construction chemicals market   The end of 2020 and the first quarter of this year saw a successive increase in the prices of raw materials used in the production of construction chemicals. This is due to their limited availability, resulting, among other things, from significantly increased demand in China, where the economy has taken off in full force. The disruption of supply chains as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on container availability, which has found its way to various parts of the world. This in turn has resulted in a significant increase in shipping prices. These and other factors could affect the prices of construction chemicals products, including paints, polyurethane foams, sealants and construction adhesives.

See the full article here:

This Disclosure: I grew up in the construction industry and my background is as a general contractor, and now a product specialist for systems in Division’s 3, 7 & 9.  I claim no expertise in the area of raw materials and supply chain. I DO claim to be a glass-half-full, optimist.  Leaning on the positive will help those of us working in the built environment move through our common and current challenges. Our work is big part of our life: it is a living canvas animated by people, projects, progress and technology — all of which are impacted by the issues of our time. Our current difficulties will pass and years from now we will look back and truly see how we were shaped by the challenges and the solutions we determined.

Part of the Solution is YOUR involvement in CSI.  If we all work together to meet the challenges our industry will emerge better.  There is more reason than ever to be a part of an organization like CSI where information is shared and the news is current.  As I continue to say:  there is no “i” in team, but there is in CSI, it means we need You! CSI is an organization of I’s and You’s and We are better for it.

Step up and join us.  Help make CSI Albuquerque even better by contributing your voice and your time as a Board or Committed CSI member.  We welcome your involvement.

A shout out to the Albuquerque Chapter CSI Board of Directors:  Edward Bradley, Judy Heiss, Peter Holloway, Hayley Johnson, Jean Nelson, Lee Orosco, Jeremy Shelton, Jori Smith, Sara Rain Stewart and David Vaughan!  This is a great group of hard-working, committed members who are keeping the CSI machinery operating smoothly.   Call or email one of us today and volunteer to help us run the organization in the next CSI year.

We Want YOU Back!  Join us in May from the comfort of your home/office computer for a virtual field trip and tour of construction progress at the new Presbyterian Hospital Addition and Renovation project.


Phil C. Humphrey                                                                                                          

President Albuquerque Chapter CSI

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Calendar of Events

Upcoming events for 2021

May 10 - Virtual Construction Tour - Presbyterian Hospital New Tower Addition

Board of Directors Meetings

The board of directors meets the third Thursday of every month.  All members are welcome. If you're interested in attending please send an email to [email protected]

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Monthly Luncheon

Our lunch program will begin at 11:45. This will minimize the downtime prior to the start of the program. For the time being our monthly program meetings will continue to be free to members and non-members alike.  Remember that Albuquerque CSI Chapter members receive a $25 voucher for a meal from a local restaurant or a donation to Road Runner Food Bank can be made instead. Please remember to sign up when you get the meeting announcement, THEN watch for the zoom meeting email with log in information — this is your key to attending.

Join Dekker/Perich/Sabatini and Jaynes Corp. for a virtual walk-thru of the construction progress at the Presbyterian Hospital Addition and Renovation project at the main campus of Presbyterian Hospital.  The 328,000 square foot high rise and energy center additions are approximately 35% complete.  A brief overview of the design will be presented, along with a focus on the challenges of project delivery through design and construction, from major infrastructure relocations, to other hurdles including demolition and construction sequencing of the building addition. 

 Join us May 10th to learn more!

We continue to work out the best option for member lunch.  We’ve had a few hurdles, but - if you are a member and have not received your lunch voucher through Selflane, please check your spam folder, if it is not there, please send us an email to let us know.  Note: You must register with Selflane to use the certificate after you receive it.  Please DO use it; the voucher has been paid for by CSI and will go to waste if not used.

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