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President's Message

Welcome to the 2018-2019 year.  It has been an exciting start to the year as we almost didn’t have a chapter. So I gladly  announce  that I am your chapter president. I would like to thank  all of the current Board Members and volunteers for their continued commitment to our Chapter. Without them, I would be very nervous. The schedule will consist of one tour, and two meetings in 2018 and the same for 2019. I am excited about this year and we will mainly concentrate on what CSI is and how it can help you with not only certification but also with some of the processes that exist in our industry.

We will jump start the year with our  first meeting and job site tour being jointly held with ASPE on September 5, 2018, 5:00 p.m. at the Sandia Crest Restaurant Reconstruction site,  or as I’m calling it, ‘the Tram tour.’  Joe Flemming, FCPE, with Bradbury & Stamm,  will present briefly on ESTIMATING CONSIDERATIONS FOR REMOTE SITES. This event is not on our regularly scheduled Tuesday luncheon as we are taking the opportunity to see a place that many of us are familiar with undergoing a transformation. Please see the attached flyer with the tour information. RSVP to save a seat.

Thank you for your support and continued efforts.

T. Judy Heiss, CSI, CDT
CSI Albuquerque Chapter President  

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Calendar of Events

September 2018 Tour @ Sandia Crest Restaurant Reconstruction

We will have a breif tour and dinner at Sandiago's tour starts 5:00 sharp with tram ride Up and dinner session ends At 7:30

 - Analyzing the cost impact of a very remote site

 - Evaluating access considerations - material and labor

 - Planning for extreme weather conditions

 - The process of getting a unique project into budget

ASPE's deadline for reservations is Friday the 8/31.  Attendees can pay on site for the tram tickets. The dinner is $20, and the tram tickets are $20/

See flyer. 

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Monthly Luncheon

SO join up, we will send out invtes every month 

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