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President's Message

Welcome to Fall in New Mexico — a wonderfully unique season in the high desert.  I hope you, your families, friends, colleagues - everyone is staying safe during this very challenging time.

We Want YOU Back and active in Albuquerque CSI Chapter during the 2020-2021 year!

We’ve just completed our first program and I want to extend a thank you to Synthia Jaramillo and Karen Iverson, with the City of Albuquerque for their wonderful and informative presentations about the state of the City - I think we can be proud and optimistic about the direction of future of growth and development in Albuquerque.   Their investment of time and energy — outside the scope of their daily responsibilities — was very much appreciated!

We hope CSI meeting visitors see an organization that has something to offer the industry: a collaborative group of professionals working together to become more informed and educated.  Please invite your friends and colleagues to join.

Help us improve what we do — share any advice you can about how to make this work better for you. Keep in mind a few basic virtual meeting “Rules of the Road’:  If your cameral is on everyone sees you - we don’t anyone to be embarrassed.  Try to arrive before the start of the meeting.  We open at 11:30 which allows some networking, announcements and chit chat time.  The Presentation will start precisely at Noon.  If you arrive after 12:00PM we’ve experienced some difficulty allowing later comers to get connected.   Turn off your video feed during the presentation - this helps keeps the focus on the presenter.   Wear a solid color shirt or top if your video feed is on.  Contrasting colors, checks and bold stripes cause your image to visually vibrate.  Most importantly; once the meeting starts please mute your computer mic so we don’t hear your dog barking or cell phone ringing.   Thank you for these considerations.

A shout out to the CSI ABQ Chapter Board of Directors:  Jeremy, Jori, David, Peter, Jean, Judy, Sara, Ed and Hailey!  This is a great group hard-working, committed members who are keeping the CSI machinery operating smoothly.

We Want YOU Back!  Join us in October for another quality CSI Lunch program.


Phil C. Humphrey

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Calendar of Events

Monthly Lunch Meetings

October 12 - What is Lean Architecture? - Presented by Michael Czap

November 9 - Insulated Masonry Veneer Systems - Presented by Danielle Shacklady McAtee, Eric Auman

December 14 - Substitutions: Best Practices - Presented by Kevin O'Beirn

Board of Directors Meetings

The board of directors meets the third Thursday of every month.  All members are welcome. If you're interested in attending please send an email to [email protected]

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Member Anniversaries

Below are member anniversaries for September and October. Thank you to all our members for your continued support.

Rober Caranta - 5 years

Ernie Casias - 11 years

Jean Nelson - 27 years

Matt Oberer - 4 years

Sam Johnson - 4 years

Dominic Otero - 13 years

Josh Wishart - 5 years

Robert Cohen - 15 years

Nina Giglio - 21 years

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Monthly Luncheon

Thank you to each of you who were able to attend our virtual September lunch program. This is for you and doesn’t work without You — We had more than 50 ZOOM attendees and hope to cast a broader net in the months to come as we gain experience providing interesting speakers and valuable content in this new format.   Invite others to join - this is how we demonstrate what CSI has to offer.  Programs are being made available to non-CSI members for the very low rate of $5.   Please NOTE that as an alternative to our usual lunch-time meal — those of you who are chapter members will get a restaurant gift card sent to you to use at your convenience.  

Join us on October 12 for a discussion of the five essentials for better project delivery and applying Lean principles to architectural methodology presented by Michael Czap of Lean Architecture.

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