Lean Architecture

October 12, 2020
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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Virtual - Zoom Meeting


Structure Work to Flow - streamline project delivery processes across your office.  Progress projects concurrently, addressing aesthetics, function, and life safety while at the same time ensuring they are constructible and within budget.  Do not allow problems (design issues) to accumulate as the project progresses.  Put in place simple documentation systems that allow you to rapidly document work with greater consistency and accuracy.

Reduce Variation - it is not uncommon for offices to have as many ways for delivering projects as they have principals.  A single way of working that allows for some variation by building type can go along way to getting work done more consistently.  This results in fewer errors, simplifies training and allows staff to transition more easily from one project to another.

Eliminate or mitigate obstacles to progressing the work - look at your office and your projects with an eye to understanding what can help the work flow better.  Make changes and then look again.